Rezzimax Tuner PRO

Turn off headaches by targeting your central nervous system with calming resonance.

The Rezzimax Tuner PRO targets the Vagus Nerve which is a major controller of the healing processes in your body.

The Rezzimax Tuner PRO was build to help you shed the effects of stress, allowing your body to heal naturally

Migraine and pain medications are addictive and expensive ways to manage pain.  Rezzimax offers a natural solution to chronic pain through the proven use of resonance.

How It Works

The patented Rezzimax Tuner PRO is a specially designed resonance tool intended to work through the entire body.  Once you have performed the general techniques to stimulate your vagus nerve and open your body to healing you can use the Tuner to work more specifically on areas you may wish to target.

Most vibration devices create a tapping or ratcheting effect in the nervous system.  This may help you feel better because it disrupts pain producing patterns. Vibration devices using competing motors or electromagnet actions feel good at first because they help loosen tense muscles, but they have a side effect.  They create chaos in the body and do not connect with the vagus nerve to promote healing.

The Rezzimax Tuner PRO was specifically designed to resonate in certain frequencies within the body to balance and create a full circle connection from head to toe, right to left, from nerves to organs throughout the entire body.  It connects to and balances both sides of the brain simultaneously.  A team of specialists devoted years of research to discovering the precise calibrations used in the revolutions of the Rezzimax Tuner PRO, providing resonance that gently connect to and stimulates the vagus nerve for awakening and healing.


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