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NeuroGym Bootcamp Special Event

Change Your Brain -

Change Your Life 

Say goodbye to resolutions
and join the health revolution!

Experience powerful tools and
techniques to help you achieve results!

Receive a Personal Health Plan 
you can follow step by step to
keep results coming! 

NeuroGym Winter 2023 Boot camp is
a powerful event at an amazing price.  

Hope is real and we want to spread it with:

                  *A powerful event at a value price
                 *An event that builds community 
                 *Proceeds go to our benevolence 
                   fund to help others receive services

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NeuroGym Boot Camp

Phase 1: Assessments & Consultations

Registration & Scheduling

Schedule your assessments
& your Boot Camp

Assessments need to take place several days before the Boot Camp allowing us to create a personalized plan.

 1 hour for your assessments
3 hours for your Boot Camp
 1 hour for your consultation

HRV Assessment / Consultation

Check for indications of current
or future health issues

 The HRV scan measures how your nervous system is functioning based on your heart rhythms and patterns.

 The HRV scan provides concrete visible data about critical invisible processes. Follow up HRV scans allow you to track your progress and fine tune your Personal Health Plan

More Information

DFN Assessment/Consultation

Retained Primitive Reflexes
contribute to many disorders

Imbalances in the brain can cause imbalances throughout the body.

These imbalances can result in many issues that impact behavior, learning, mood, pain, headaches, allergies, autoimmunity and more.

Brain imbalances can be corrected!

More Information

Phase 2: Boot Camp

NeuroGym Boot Camp

Create Your Personal Health Plan!

Our coaches utilize powerful tools and techniques to address retained primitive reflexes and hemispheric imbalances. 

Our program is based on the work of Efficient Brain and NeuroSolution Center. and includes nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Developmental Functional Neurology coaching is shown to impact learning, behavior, mood, headaches, allergies, autoimmunity and more.

           *When the brain and the body are balanced, the possibilities are endless!

           *Learn how to build resilience, reduce poor health triggers, reduce or remove chronic illness.
           *Between genetic makeup, environmental factors, and lifestyle stress, each person is unique

Why follow a mass-produced, one size fits all strategy? 
your Personal Health Plan.  

Hope is real!

Phase 3: Consultation

At the consultation you will receive your Personal Care Plan.  
This includes the reports from your assessments, notes from your
NeuroGym Boot Camp, and your Home Care Plan.

Your Home Care Plan will include detailed information about exercises and
activities that will continue to build on your NeuroGym BootCamp experience.  

Come prepared for floorwork as your coach will walk you through your plan step by step.

New Year - New Hope Challenge

"Six in Ten Americans live with at least one chronic disease, such as heart disease
and stroke, cancer, or diabetes. These and other chronic diseases are the leading causes of

death and disability in America, and they are also a leading driver of health care costs."
-  Dr. Jeff Bland

 If it feels like you've tried everything (some things more than once), know that there is hope!

New Year - New Hope Challenge

Powerful Event
Amazing Price

Kick off the new year with a powerful event.  Start building better health and helping the community.

This is a special fundraiser event, proceeds go to our benevolence fund.  

To continue our community theme we have designed a fun friends and family package!

Event Price List:

Regular Price:  $800.00
New You Challenge Price:  $400.00

But it gets even better!

Bring a Friend!
NeuroGym Group Price
     2 people pay $375 each
     3 people pay $350 each
     4 people pay $325 each

         Space is limited           Call for more information!


Functional Medicine Coaching

"FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE is the future of conventional medicine‚Äďavailable now.

It seeks to identify and address the root causes of disease, and views the body as one integrated system, not a collection of independent organs divided up by medical specialties.

It treats the whole system, not just the symptoms."

About Functional Medicine - Dr. Mark Hyman


Developmental Functional Neurology Coaching

     Functional neurology is based on neuroplasticity theories.
     It is now known that the brain and nervous system are able to change, and can be malleable, as a response to certain stimuli.  

     The brain can be shaped by cognitive, sensory, motor, or emotional experiences.  

     The development of synapses (new connections) in the nervous system will depend on the stimuli that the synapses receive.
     Neurons that receive a lot of stimuli will be the ones that that strengthen, and the ones that do not receive stimuli will become weak and eventually diminish.  

     It is now known that it is possible to create new neurons where there is damage in the nervous system.

     An imbalance in the brain can result in imbalances in any body system: ADHD, Autism, OCD, memory issues, depression, anxiety, sensory issues, muscle pain, headaches, chronic
infections, food sensitivities, allergies, autoimmune issues, behavior issues, and more.

     Our methods are based on the work of Dr. Jeri LaVigne and Dr. Brandon Crawford.

     Our office can set up an in person or online  consultation with Efficient Brain or NeuroSolution Center.  

     We are available to join online appointments as your coach, allowing us to help create your NeuroGym Action Plan.


A Better Me, Naturally!

We help you put it all together!

Functional Medicine Coaching and Developmental Functional Neurology Coaching help you to move past resolutions and toward creating a healthier you.

How can you build better health?  What are health triggers?  If something worked for my friend, will it work for me?

So many questions! So many health plans!

There is no one size fits all approach to better health.

We specialize in helping you build a health plan based on your needs.  Then we coach you through the stages of your plan supporting you as you continue to build better health.

We work with clients in our office and online.

Schedule a free 20-minute consultation with one of our friendly health coaches!

Meet Our Team

Jackie Rosch
ND, Health Coach, Irlen Screener

Jackie is passionate about helping people reduce or remove the effects of chronic illness.  She works with individuals and caregivers to help them develop a personalized health plan based on their individual needs. 

 As a naturopath, she does not diagnose or treat disease, but she recognizes that the underlying cause of disease is often unhealthy diet, improper lifestyle habits, and environmental factors.

Jackie loves working as a health coach because she understands the effects of chronic illness on individuals and families.

She started learning about wellness in 2002 when her 8 year old daughter became ill with lupus.  Ultimately her family experienced long bouts of autoimmune illness in several family members as well retained Primitive Reflexes and hemispheric imbalances.

She wants to share the message that
Hope is Real!

Christina Rosch 
Health Coach, Irlen Screener
Martial Arts & Yoga Instructor

Christina is passionate about health in all people, young and old. Starting her own better health journey at age 8,
she has spent her life learning and then sharing her knowledge with others.

As a Health Coach, she enjoys helping people grow and experience long lasting changes to their health. 

She has several black belts in several styles, and holds rank in Kukkikwon,  home of the World Taekwondo Academy, where the official taekwondo governing organization was established by the South Korean government.

Christina has been a yoga instructor for 12 years.  

Christina is a dedicated member of this team.  

 Mitchell, Indiana

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