Functional Neurology

Functional Neurology

"Functional neurology is basically built around two governing principles:  FUEL & ACTIVATION...we also need to consider light and sound when healing and changing the brain and one's health.  Basically, we need to fire networks in the brain that are under developed, under regulated, and under integrated.  We also need to evaluate the fuel for the system to properly fire these networks.  This involves reducing inflammation, mitigating autoimmunity, dealing with infections, and emotional/psychological issues."    - Dr. Brandon Crawford

Functional Neurology- Melillo 

  Discipline combining the Melillo Method utilizing the  understanding proper brain development, the development of neurological disorders with Digital Health.  

This has led to much excitement as the world is seeing people improving from brain injuries, chronic illness, children overcoming their neurological diagnoses, and more.

Digital Health

 Health and wellness techniques

  combining the knowledge of brain development and balancing from Dr. Robert Melillo with the expertise of practitioners using the newest cutting edge tools to help stimulate underdeveloped or injured areas and create balance quicker than ever before.

The Tools used in Digital Health

  Some of the tools used include laser therapy, electrotherapy, virtual reality, video games, specific frequencies of sound, light, and vibration.  

  These tools are designed to deliver specific stimulation to targets in the brain and body encouraging neuroplasticity.

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