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Neural Solutions - Cold Laser Therapy

*Makes the brain and body react faster and more effectively.

*Unlocks the brains own healing potential.
*The best laser has the best protocols and potential to help.

The Vision

 Neuro Solution was founded to bring the use of laser and light therapy to the forefront of medical solutions offered across the world.  


 Finding hope in hopeless situations is a core value of our team.  Our passion is to heal and help people.

12 Benefits of using Neuro Solution Laser


Enhancement of ATP production & synthesis, contributing to cellular repair, reproduction, and functional ability.


Optimizing cellular regulation and performance by stabilizing the cellular membrane.


Stimulation of vasodilation, which is the widening of blood vessels to enhance transport of nutrients and oxygen to the damaged cells and facilitates repair and removal of cellular waste.


Acceleration of leukocytic activity, which enhances the removal of non-viable cellular and tissue components. This allows for a more rapid repair and regeneration process.


Increased prostaglandin synthesis, which is compounds in the body that have a vasodilating and anti-inflammatory action.


Enhanced lymphocyte response better regulates immune activities.


Increased formation of blood vessels and the regeneration of blood vessels.


Increases the formation of proteins specific to accelerating the termination of the inflammatory process (superoxide dismutase) and decreases inflammatory proteins (C-reactive protein & neopterin.


Increases beta-endorphins to promote pain reduction.


Increased nitric oxide production, which has a direct  and indirect impact on pain sensation.  It is also essential for the normal cell action potential.  Nitric oxide also can enhance nerve cell perfusion & oxygenation.


Increased nerve generation & repair.


Normalizing nerve signal transmission to better regulate all functions of the body

Source:  Efficient Brain

If you only use traditional therapy you'll only see traditional results!

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