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Stop Retained Primitive Reflexes and lack of proper stimulus
puts children and adults at risk of imbalances.

"The brain controls everything so an imbalance in the brain can result in imbalances in every body system in any combination: ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, OCD, memory and concentration issues, depression, anxiety, hormone imbalances, blood sugar imbalances, muscle and sensory imbalances that can cause back pain, headaches, dizziness, immune imbalances that can cause chronic infection, food sensitivities, allergies and autoimmune issues and many more.

All of these issues have been increasing at epidemic levels and all can be a direct result of a developmental brain imbalance.  There is no damage or pathology in the brain, there is no genetic mutation, and it is not a chemical problem.  It is just a physiologic, electrical imbalance, and it can be corrected.  When the imbalance in the brain is corrected all of the other imbalances are most often corrected as well."

                                                                                  Dr. Jeri LaVigne
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How ADHD Resembles Retained Primitive Reflexes, and Vice Versa

Developmental Functional Neurology Basics



 Nerve connections in the brain are considered “plastic” because they can be shaped or modified by sensory, motor, and cognitive input. 

There are over 100 billion neurons in the human body, each one having a specific function and connection to other neurons, forming extensive electro-chemical circuits.

We know that this vast collection of nerve cells is capable of remarkable change.  we can expect an increase in the number of neurotransmitters as well as an increase in the number of receptors.

Nerve cells can grow connections to new neurons. 


Protection & Rehabilitation
of the Nervous System

Research has confirmed that we have the ability to create new neurons, a process long considered impossible.
We also know that if an area of the brain is not stimulated neurotransmitters and receptors may diminish.

Our goal is to support healthy plasticity of the nervous system through proper stimulation giving it the activation that it needs to thrive. 

We now know that even a nervous system that is functioning poorly can be rehabilitated, often with progressive and permanent success.


Primitive Reflexes

 Primitive reflexes are involuntary movements that help babies survive.  As babies grow and develop, they no longer exhibit primitive reflexes.

There is a connection between children and adults with retained primitive reflexes and imbalances in the brain and body.

Assessing for retained primitive reflexes is vital to ensure that our brains are properly developed and regulated.

Providing the proper environment for healthy brain function helps us function well, live well, and age well.


Developmental Functional
Neuro-Assessment (DFN)

The developmental function neuro-assessment delves into the intricate aspects of neurological development, focusing on retained primitive reflexes and core functions. 

Through this assessment, practitioners can identify areas of strength and potential challenges, tailoring interventions to support healthy neurological development. 

The goal is not only to recognize retained primitive reflexes but also to implement targeted strategies that encourage their integration.

By understanding and working with retained primitive reflexes and core functions, individuals can embark on a tailored journey of neurological development, fostering a foundation for improved sensory-motor coordination, cognitive abilities, and overall neurofunctional harmony.

We assess children and adults.  In fact
we love to work with the whole family.

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