Brain Imbalance

Dr. Robert Melillo

Brain Imbalance

Imbalance in the brain between the right and left hemisphere leads to a wide variety of symptoms.
The brain controls everything so imbalances in the brain can lead to imbalances in the body.

The Solution

 Restoring balance in the brain by targeting specific networks on one side of the brain by combining different types of stimulation along with cognitive and academic activities  allows us to activate specific networks.

This causes the networks to grow and become more connected.

Dr. Robert Melillo

Dr. Melillo is an affiliate professor of rehabilitation sciences at Nazareth Academic Institute and a senior research fellow with the National Institute for Brain and Rehabilitation Sciences.  He is a postgraduate professor of Childhood Developmental Disabilities.  He holds a master's degree in neuroscience, a master's degree in clinical rehabilitation neuropsychology and is completing his doctorate in the same subjects.  He holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic, a Diplomate in Neurology, Fellowship American College of Functional Neurology, Fellowship American Board Childhood Developmental Disabilities, and is the executive director of the National Institute For Brain and Rehabilitation Sciences and The Children's Autism Hope Project.

Dr. Melillo is currently working with a group of international research labs as well as teaching as a post graduate professor.  He has been teaching his theories and techniques to health professionals around the world and has taught over 7000 professionals in several different countries and continents over the past twenty years.  He continues to teach over 1000 hours a year to health care professionals, teachers, researchers and parent groups.

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