Hello From Katie

​  Hello there, I'm Katie.  
  I like long walks on the beach and...oh, right.  Okey dokey, let's start again.
  I'm 21 years old and I'll be 22 before the end of October.


​  I was home schooled, though "was" isn't the best term because I don't think you ever stop being a homeschooler.  It stays with you, since your home is your school and you never really stop learning.  It definitely is a habit by now!

  I have only lived in states that begin with a vowel (which are A, E, I, O, U.... and sometimes Y - although I have never lived in a sometimes Y state).

  I think I may be a "book-o-vert" instead of an introvert or extrovert.  They say that you know which one you are by what energizes you - being by yourself or being with people.  Words are exciting to me, word games, mad libs, stories. And I can't be a "word-o-vert" because that sounds weird (as if somehow a "book-o-vert doesn't?).  Words are in books...so voila!  Book-a-vert!

  I love crafts and sewing.  I like to eat so recipes are very interesting to me.  Especially recipes that are peanut free, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, nightshade free, corn free....and what else...  oh right!, and are also vegetarian as I am allergic to all these things (except vegetarians that is).  

  It can be hard to find things to eat so when I do...It's a big deal.  When we find a recipe that works and even better TASTES good my family might or might not run to the center of the house and cry "I'm the best person in the world!!!!"...allegedly.

  I enjoy music, in fact I'm in the process of learning how to play the piano.  I enjoy writing songs and then singing them, a lot.  If I'm any good or not is a question to ask someone else.  Because how can one really ever answer that question?  "Why yes, I am so very good at it...and if I might say I am also gorgeous, talented, illustrious in ALL my actions...and so very wonderfully humble."  Neither can I say "Oh, well...I try...but, I'm just not good enough.  Not just in this endeavor but in everything I try."  Neither sounds right and neither is true but tellin others of your achievements always seems to come out as one or the two.  But I digress, I've spent enough time quibbling.

  I love and adore Jane Austen's novels.  I even love to English Country Dance (the kind od dancing in the 1800's).  George Washington did it, Jane Austen did it....they were so cool!  I have attended several Regency era balls celebrating the joy of the era, if not 100% historically accurate we have come close...just opting to keep the air conditioning on.  I'm sure Jane Austen would approve....I hope.

  I enjoy crafting, sewing, cross stitching, DIY projects.  I love them....as long as I don't get overwhelmed and tired.  Then I hate them and probably won't touch them until a week to six months have passed.

  I love to write.  Stories, song, a blog post.  Something inside me wants to share.  I might be anxious, but I have no anxiety about sharing the things I've gone through.  Even if it's hard or personal.

​  My hope is that if something I went through can help you...yes, YOU who are reading this.  Then even if it was hard, painful or anxious...if it can help someone it makes the experience okay somehow.  It's not wasted, it's a tool...it's useful.

  I've seen some hard things.  When I was little I watched my sisters health fail. Then I became ill myself.  Years fighting for my health and my families health as well.  I may have had anti ds-dna at one point.  I may have cried and screamed through pain.  But I am not sick.  My soul, my being is not sick.  God has shown me great mercy.  He also has shown, and is showing, me how to be alright.  To be content, to be useful, to have a purpose.

  Come along with me on this journey as I share life, crafts, stories, songs, and a little bit of myself with you.


Katie Danelle

Katie Danelle helps people live the best life possible. Sharing her expertise in stress management, mindfulness training, and her experience living with a chronic illness, Katie encourages us to live well no matter our circumstances. Katie enjoys crafting, sewing, writing, and developing recipes and she often shares her creations in her blog. Visit her at A Better Me, Naturally!

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