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​not general information that works for some people some of the time.  create your own personal health plan and start building better health today.   we are well acquainted with health, fitness, and chronic illness.  We know the ropes.  We are tying to build a better world...a community for people building better health....worry about doing the wrong thing....who do I listen to....which book?  plan? tip? or trick?  Join the community and settle in,  we'll walk through it together and help you be a better me, naturally!

Our Journey

​Our young family took a weekend trip. Full of life and hope we set off to make memories.  The weekend go toff to a memorable start when two of the children packed toys instead of clothes.  Days were spent at the beach.  It was a lovely trip. 

​It was dark when we got home. Our 5 year old daughter, Christina, told us that her tongue hurt​. ​ We quickly got her back into the car and started the 30 minute drive to the closest urgent care.  Her tongue was so swollen that she couldn't close her mouth.

​Christina has hundred of small ulcerations on her tongue and inside her mouth.  We ended up at a Children's hospital three hours away where we discovered that her kidneys were bleeding and she had joint issues, but the blood work was inconclusive.  The journey had begun...

​Her condition worsened.  Muscle and joint pain, fever, rashes.  She became weak.  One day she was watching children play outside and she asked me if that's what "real" children did.  As if she was no longer real.  ​I remember the day I was trying to comfort her, telling her that she was going to be ok...when I suddenly realized that I may have lied to her.  I realized that we could lose this war.  That was the worst day of my life. 

​Life changed.  We learned how to take care of a seriously ill child while still raising our other children.  Life continued.  We still had to take care of normal life responsibilities while never knowing what the day would bring.  We learned how to research and advocate.  Eight years passed with seasons of better and worse  health.  To be on the safe side we had our second daughter, Katie, tested even though she showed no signs of ill health.  Better safe than sorry.

​The doctor thought Katie was in great health.  We went home with a sigh of relief.  Several days later we got the phone call.  Katie's bloodwork revealved an ANA count that was off the chart.  She was referred to a rheumatologist in another city.  I made an appointment for Christina as well.  I had become used to advocating for Christina and carried a huge notebook with all of her medical info.  Now I was starting a notebook for Katie.  How could this happen?

​I cried...During the appointment I pulled out my trusted notebook and started telling the doctor what I thought he should know.  He stopped me...."I know, I see it"  he replied.  With those simple words the fear and desperation of 10 years of searching began to fade away and I was overcome.  He pointed out several visible symptoms and explained to me what they meant.  Both girls started treatment, real treatment rather than symptom management.  We stopped wandering in the desert and started running the race.

​Our rheumatologist wanted to examine our whole family.  The tests showed that all four of our children, as well as myself, had the genetic tendency to develop autoimmune disease.  Like the girls I had active disease at that time and ended up developing thyroid cancer and Psoriatic Arthritis.  Our doctor called us a "strange positive".  He said that regular testing methods were unreliable alone and needed further testing to reveal the diagnosis.  That's why Christina went undiagnosed for 10 years.  This is not uncommon.   

​We started a journey that changed us and challenged our beliefs, and may have saved our lives.  We learned about perseverance, loyalty, and compassion.  We held on to hope...which is harder than you may think.  We held on to each other.  Many familes facing long term illness break apart.  The odds were not in our favor...so we made our own favor.  I began to learn everything I could about health.  Books, classes, and conferences led to formal schooling and mentors.  I becam a Doctor of Naturopathy in 2010.

​                      We have found our new normal.  
                            Our motto is Carpe Zebra! 

​  Chronic illness can steal your hopes and dreams as well as your health.    It is up to us to learn how to organize life so that we can meet our health needs and still be able to live to our fullest.  Christina and Katie earned black belts in martial arts, were in the Civil Air Patrol, and participated in plays.  They rationed their time and energy, investing it in things that were valuable to them.  
  Now adults, Christina and Katie are health coaches and specialize in nutrition, allergy-free cooking, and DIY health (herbs and essential oils). Christina specializes in exercise while Katie has focused on stress management and mindfulness.  Carpe Zebra means that although we are chronically ill we can still grab onto the time we have, even if it is only 15 good minutes a day.  ​Every day we strive to learn more, do more, hope more, and help more.  Join us as we build better health everyday!

​Meet Our Team

​Jackie Rosch, ND

A Better Me, Naturally!

​Jackie Rosch helps people build better health.  Posting about health and fitness, chronic illness, menu planning, fantastic food, and Do It Yourself Health, Jackie's focus is to coach you through the steps to create your own personal health plan.

​Katie Danelle

​Katie Danelle helps people live the best life possible.  Sharing her expertise in stress management, mindfulness training, and her experience living with a chronic illness, Katie encourages us to live well no matter our circumstances.  Katie enjoys crafting, sewing, writing, and developing recipes and she often shares her creations in her blog.

​Joy Morgan

​Joy Morgan makes healthy meal planning easy, even for those with multiple food allergies.  In her blog she shares meal planning tips and tricks, planning meals for large families with multiple allergies, and healthy recipes that are fast, easy, and delicious. Joy loves being a wife and mommy, creative arts, and Regency era balls.

​Christina Noelle

​Christina Noelle helps people develop an active lifestyle that is healthful and enjoyable. Exercise is vital for the body and the mind, even helping reduce pain and the effects of chronic illness.  She is a health coach, yoga instructor, and has earned blackbelts in karate and Tae Kwon do. ​ ​

​Michelle Raker

​Michelle Raker helps people understand confusing health topics.  She is a health advocate who coaches people to make simple changes that bring big results.  She post about important health topics as well as sharing her vibrant love of life.

​What Our Customers Say...

Since meeting Jackie, my health has improved in many ways. Here are three of my favorites:
  1. Ever since I was a child, I have been strongly antibiotic-resistant. Jackie has taught me how to fight the chronic infections naturally. It is such a relief not to have to return to a doctor two or three times for antibiotics.
  2. For years I was chronically ill and had no clue about why I felt the way I did. I thought I just "deserved it" because I was overweight. (I went from almost 400 lbs to currently 254 and dropping)My quality of life has improved immensely.
   3.  My pocketbook - life is SO MUCH BETTER when you can spend your money on things that you enjoy and things that your family needs rather than on more and more medicine.

- Dawn

​Jackie is a wonderful and caring lady.  She shares knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and apply to your life and your situation.
​         I have been able to improve my health and reduce my medications since I started taking her classes.  It's great to feel better and have hope for my future.

​​- Julie

​Jackie helped me get organized and understand the most important things I needed to do for my family.  I didn't get overwhelmed trying to recreate my whole life.  I took a step at a time and ended up making a lot of powerful changes.

​- Bree

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