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    ​​Easy steps to build better health, reduce chronic illness,
and live the DIY health lifestyle!

​A Better Me, Naturally!

Personal Health Plan

Assess your level of health and set reachable goals. 

​Learn your unique health triggers.  Create a health action plan that works for you!

​Stop wasting time, money, and energy on food, supplements, and health habits that don't work for you.  

​Start building better 
health today!

​Personal Experience

​Wisdom and knowledge some sort of combination of academic accomplishment with the benefit of personal experience.  Years of walking the path and we have created a map of many of the pitfalls and the great vantage points.  We've been there and done that.  We care because we understand the great struggle.


​Being able to navigate the loud online world of health opinions.  Being in the academic setting brings mentors and an ability to see the bigger picture.  helps to put the puzzle pieces together.

​Years of education and teaching have helped us build a large amount of health content, worksheets, resources.  We will be adding this content continually.

​Health Coaching is our passion and we are committed to growth and continue to grow academically. 


​We are a community coming together bringing our own personal experiences, skills, style, and passions.  Check out
our facebook group, chats, Q & A sessions, special events.  Life can be hard - we need to stick together!

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​Living the DIY Life

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A Better Me,  

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